Company independent research and development of production machinery and equipment, and has a strong sales ability, the company's mission is to focus on the development of the industry's leading straw recycling equipment.

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The company has more than and 180 employees, including senior engineer 20 people, has a strong R & D strength, more than 40% of the management staff with a master's degree or above


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Address: ERON Road Economic Development Zone in Hubei city of Xianning province Tongshan County No.1
Work phone: +86-715-2883088
Fax: +86-715-2883078
Cell phone contact: +86-18671557789(Mr. Xu.)
+86-13997500168(MS Fan)

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"Jiugong" brand YLZ series automatic hydraulic baler YLYQ1950II破碎式方捆壓捆機 YLYQ1950II加強型破碎式方捆打捆機 YLYQ1950 type pickup baler (2016 new) YLYQ-1550/1950撿拾式方捆壓捆機
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